Fit Camps 2018

FitCamps™ is organised by Lydia Campbell and has been going since 1990, providing a really fun event for everyone attending.  

Jacqui, Lydia and Tom

Jacqui and Tom were there from PD:Approval to offer support to the Presenter of the Year Awards, as PD:Approval and REPs sponsored the winner offering a prize of a free endorsement and technical support to turn their idea into a course and then showcase it. Little did we expect the talent to be so high which made the judges’ job to chose a winner so difficult.  Which is why there turned out to be a draw with two winners!

Linda and Ali

Linda Hall and Ali Green were the worthy recipients of the award, they each have some fantastic ideas and we look forward to supporting them both to bring them to fruition in the New Year.

There was a large variety of classes on offer ranging from WaterBased, Group Indoor Cycling, Free Style, Core, Pilates, Yoga – you name it. the movers and shakers had it!

As it is a weekend event, entertainment was provided on the Saturday night which this year was Circus themed. We were treated to a fantastic performance and were blown away by the fire dancer and the snake charmer –  can’t wait for what Lydia has in store for the event next year!

FitCamps has been the platform for many top international fitness presenters to be seen and heard and inspire hundreds, showcasing the best and latest in fitness concepts.  If you are interested in presenting and showcasing your training next year then please get in touch with Lydia as soon as possible at or visit the website.

Get a taste of FitCamps 2018 here.

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