Injuries are Opportunities

We invited Brendan Chaplin of Strength & Conditioning Education, a long standing endorsed provider, to let everyone know about his latest presentation, available through his Facebook group.

I wanted to let you know that you can get hold of my presentation ‘Injuries are Opportunities’ in my Facebook group by clicking HERE

I’m super excited about my Facebook group because I’ve wanted to get something going for a long time and I’ve not had the headspace to be able to do it whilst building and growing SCE, my education and coaching business.  But now I am absolutely in the right place and ready to go! 

The group is called ‘Strength and Success ACCELERATED, with Brendan’. I asked people what would help them the most and essentially it boiled down to the following: 

  • Business Development (Sales, Marketing and Strategy)
  • Rehab, Strength, Conditioning and Coaching
  • Mindset and Mental Health

So that is exactly what the group will cover! If in doubt do it all eh!! 

I’ll also be doing a load of book, course and video giveaways, coaching you every single day, responding to questions and generally hanging out and having fun with you in there. My goal is that we develop a really cool network of like minded people across the UK and internationally – so definitely invite people you feel will benefit from it. 

So get yourself over to the group and digest the free content I’ve put in there:

  • Injuries are Opportunities – A recording of my keynote from the Therapy expo in November. 
  • CEO Strength Coach – An exclusive video from my good friend Ron McKeefery the NFL strength coach from the USA. 
  • The Future of Personal Training – A presentation I did a while ago to help set the scene for where this industry is going. 
  • How to build your S&C or Therapy business – A presentation on how to grow your business through becoming a strength and conditioning coach.
  • The Something from Nothing Challenge – A PDF manual that outlines how to get clients in 30 days or less through good old fashioned hard work. It’s been sold for £180 in the past alongside a coaching webinar. 

See you in there, and don’t forget to introduce yourself! 

Brendan is the CEO and Founder of Strength & Success and you can contact him at

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