Forging new partnerships

We are really pleased to have entered into partnership with four of the UK’s leading awarding organisations (AOs), YMCA Awards, Pearson, NCFE and Focus Awards, whose new qualifications offering entry or another level onto the REPs framework, or CPD to add to the skills of fitness professionals, will be formally recognised by REPs through our quality assurance process.

By submitting their qualifications for review, our partner AOs are supporting the REPs framework of qualifications and the career pathway REPs has mapped for its members.

All approved qualifications map to the national standards underpinning the framework, and, through REPs membership, are recognised by the 10 other ICREPs member countries, providing that all important international portability which is unique to REPs.

We are working with the other UK awarding organisations towards partnership but in the meantime any of their qualifications registered on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) prior to 1 July 2019 are still recognised by REPs under ‘Grandfather Rights’.

If you have any questions about the qualifications you are delivering and their recognition by REPs, please contact us on 0333 577 0908 or by emailing

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