Business opportunity for providers offering accredited qualifications

We regularly hear from people working in the health and fitness industry who haven’t been able to join REPs as their qualification is not recognised for one reason or another. They don’t generally need to sit the whole qualification again, but do need an up-to-date, UK certificate to gain professional recognition, take advantage of the benefits of REPs membership, and be covered by REPs’ insurance to practice.

‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL) is the process of assessing a learner’s current knowledge and competency against the national standards to identify the areas they need to complete in order to undergo a final assessment for an awarding organisation certificate, which they can then use to join REPs and gain insurance. RPL is quicker and cheaper than sitting a full qualification and is normally all that is needed – although there may be some applicants who do need to sit the full qualification, but that will be determined in the initial RPL assessment.

RPL can only be offered by an approved awarding organisation training centre, so if that’s you why not consider letting us promote that you provide this service? If you are interested and already endorsed, let us know and we will add you to our list of RPL approved centres which we will then send to any person who comes to us enquiring about how they can achieve the correct qualification status.

Before offering this service, you will be asked to agree the following:

  1. You will send us your RPL qualification and fees structure
  2. You will carry out an assessment on the applicant to gauge their current standard of knowledge against the national standards.
  3. Based on the results of the assessment, you will either support the applicant through the areas of knowledge required or provide them with the option to undertake the full qualification.
  4. You will provide a final theory and/or practical assessment for the applicant to undertake RPL to achieve their certificate.

Interested? Please send us your details and qualifications/prices where you can offer RPL and we will start promoting you.

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