New developments on the PD:Portal

We have been working hard this year to increase the user-friendliness of the portal and provide more enhancements for our training provider users.

Finding training more easily

Firstly we refined the keyword search box. This searches for keywords in the body of the text for each piece of training, so we have made it explicit by adding guidance to the box itself – ‘Search for a word in the course information’. We’ve also added another search area so that learners can find training which will provide them with a certain number of CPD points, as from their feedback some members just need a few more points to reach their 10 point annual minimum target.

How many points?

We have now added the number of points a programme will award to the ‘excerpt’ information that appears with your course title either on the home page or as a result of a search. This provides vital information for learners looking for training, and also makes it clearer which qualifications will give entry or another level on the relevant register as they are the only ones that award 20 CPD points.

Reviews and star ratings

We’ve also improved the review rating facility which previously was listed on the training provider page. We have changed it now so that the review is for the individual piece of training and appears at the bottom of the course page, which we believe gives much better feedback for potential learners.

You will see your reviews reflected on the home page as well, as your dates move up the list towards the top!

If you would like any help promoting your endorsed training through the portal and adding your dates, let us know by contacting us on 0333 577 0908 or at

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