New marketing opportunity coming in 2020

Over the last year we have been encouraging visitors to the PD:Portal (PDP) to register their areas of interest for CPD. We now have over 700 people registered, and will be launching a promotional service in Spring 2020.

What does this mean?
Endorsed providers will be able to send us details of special offers on endorsed training linked to a discipline.

We will promote the offer to PDP leads who have specified that discipline as an area of interest.

How much will it cost?
So that you can try this out before making any financial commitment, your first two promotions will be absolutely free! After that we will charge a nominal sum of £25+VAT per promotion.

What conditions are there?
To provide us with your promotion details, you must complete a dedicated submission process which will record how many promotions you have submitted and will charge you from the third one. Other terms are:

  • You will be able to select a maximum of two disciplines that reflect your training
  • Payment will be required at the end of the submission form.
  • You must send your promotion to us at least 4 weeks before it starts?

What next?
We will be in touch again with more details when the service is ready to launch.

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