REPs Ireland and PD:Approval launch new partnership

Calling all current Endorsed Providers!

We are really excited to be working with REPs Ireland as the single organisation quality assuring CPD for their members through our independent endorsement service, which launches TODAY!

Tom Bell, CEO PD:Approval, travelled to Dublin with Hanna Boyce, Head of Operations PD:Approval, to sign the agreement with REPs Ireland’s registrar, Stephanie MacSweeny, and Conn McCluskey, CEO Ireland Active, marking the start of the new partnership

Parented by Ireland Active, which provides support and services to create the platforms to professionalise the health and fitness industry, REPs Ireland is a member of the International Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) and works to maintain the professional standards in the industry.

Our invitation to you

We are inviting all our current endorsed training providers to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to extend their market to another of the ICREPs member countries.

By becoming endorsed now, you will be one of the first training providers offering endorsed training and CPD points in Ireland. In addition, endorsed providers can benefit from a discount which is available to REPs Ireland members to undertake CPD, provided by Leisure, Health and Fitness Skillnet.

Online training?

There is currently a huge demand for online CPD in Ireland due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We will promote your online training through social media as soon as you gain endorsement for REPs Ireland recognition.

Any endorsed provider working to move their current face-to-face training to online delivery will be fast-tracked through approval at no cost via the PD:Portal – after 3 months we will require you to put your training through a full submission if your current endorsement is PAYG. If you have a PAYG endorsement and wish to continue to deliver it in place of your face-to-face CPD, you will only have to pay for the evaluation fee rather than the full submission fee (£150+VAT). If you decide to run them both, the usual submission fee applies.

Discount for all current UK endorsed providers

We are offering a loyalty discount to all current endorsed training providers in the UK who wish to add REPs Ireland recognition to their training in order to open up their current training to a brand new market.

Simply complete our short application form – there is no need to provide any evidence as your new endorsement for REPs Ireland recognition will reflect the programmes you already have endorsed for the UK market – and we will send you an invoice reflecting your discount. Once paid we will email you immediately with confirmation that your endorsement for REPs Ireland recognition is LIVE!


To get you in front of REPs Ireland members as soon as possible, we will promote your endorsement through social media and will upgrade your training on the PD:Portal as soon as you are approved so it is tagged as REPs Ireland recognised.

Next Steps

Contact us by email at or call us on 0333 577 0908 if you have any questions about this new opportunity.

Or go directly to the application form to become recognised by REPs Ireland as soon as possible!

We hope to have the opportunity to work with you in this new venture.

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