Future-proofing your career

There’s a saying by Jim Rohn, “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” As we all continue to feel the effects of Covid-19, nearly all aspects of life, including people’s work, is changing. Some personal trainers are having to adapt how they provide their services. Insure4Sport surveyed 1,000 personal trainers and the reality is that personal trainers have fewer clients, and a reported nine out of ten personal trainers reported lower income. Some have moved their business online to salvage their business.

The Power of a Flexible Mindset

The only thing constant in business is change (either unexpected or planned) and so far in 2020 there’s been a lot of changes! So what can personal trainers do to keep ahead of rapid changes?  One possible approach is to focus on upskilling and re-skilling. Change challenges us to think differently and look outside of our comfort zone to develop new skills, to increase our own professional skills and generate new income streams. If you want to future-proof your skills and give your career an overall boost, upskilling is the answer.

Fitness Industry Career Planning

The education industry is a pretty good place to look to upskill if you are already a qualified and experienced fitness professional. More than ever, fitness, wellbeing and healthy living is on everyone’s lips. If you are a fitness professional who has ‘served their time’ perfecting their craft, then you have a golden opportunity to think beyond your personal training skills and consider your next career progression – by becoming a qualified tutor.

As personal training and instructing has become a well-established career pathway for both employed and self-employed, now the demand for qualified fitness tutors has escalated. Not only in the UK but also across the world there are opportunities to teach others, those who, just like you, have a passion for health and fitness and what to improve the wellbeing of others. As more people choose fitness as their career, qualified fitness tutors (as well as assessors and internal quality assurers) are increasingly in demand.

So how could you become a qualified tutor? 

Take your skills to the next level and start your career in education by enrolling on PD:Education’s Level 3 Award in Education and Training to become a qualified tutor.

The qualification is accredited by YMCA Awards which means that you will gain:

  • YMCA Awards Level 3 Award in Education and Training
  • Official certification from YMCA Awards
  • Free entry to PD:Education’s professional register for qualified tutors, assessors and quality assurers – PD:Verified
  • A professional platform to showcase your qualifications  and personalised profile, searchable by employers and training providers looking for your skill set(s).

Book now and benefit from a 10% discount across all disciplines until 5pm 31 October 2020 using code PDE10Q09

PD:Education provides a clear career pathway in education so once you are qualified as a tutor we can support you to widen your horizons as a qualified assessor and internal quality assurer.

If you would like more information, visit www.pd-education.com or call us on +44 (0)333 577 0908 for a chat with a member of the team.

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